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Who we are

We make the world a safer place through innovation

SWISS DEFENSE SOLUTIONS (SDS) is a Swiss government funded company specialized in the development of innovative technologies for live fire shooting ranges. We commercialize internationally patented products, and are granted by an EUU (End User Undertaking) with the Government of Sweden.


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APLHA Technology
ALPHA was developed in close collaboration with European MIL/POL shooting instructors. It ambitions to become the new industry standard, allowing the most advanced tactical training while neutralizing the usual limitations.

Its three focuses are: SAFETY – EFFICIENCY – VERSATILITY

Safety, as realistic training scenarios are required to best protect the civilian population. It implies the ability to train tactical shooting at extreme close range, in motion and up to a 45° angle of fire.

Health Safety of users is improved, with full ricochet protection even in case of accidental discharges out of the target area. As well as drastic reduction of lead contamination in the air and environment. Because 100% of the bullets are recycled in closed-circuit.

Fire Safety is guaranteed. The equipment is fully fireproof.

Efficiency, to guarantee permanent training availability with minimal maintenance. ALPHA is operational for live fire training 365/365 and design to be a cost-efficient solution. Up to 10 years warranty are available.

Versatility, to allow complex training scenarios with diverse weaponry. Various calibers, such as 9x19mm, 5,56x45mm and .300 AAC Blackout can be used simultaneously. Up to .308 Win.

Our advantages:

Advanced tactical opportunities


Guaranteed safety: 100%




Our Technologies


The is our Alpha (Self healing technology)
This solution is designed to be fully customizable, from 12m2 up to 2’500m2. Whether youneed regular 90° shooting with 9x19mm, or advanced 360° urban training up to .308 Win with several floors, it can be done. Anywhere. Anytime.



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